Luukas Tukia är en av Eteritiques ambassadörer

Luukas Tukia

Personal Trainer

I have always loved sports. I tried all sorts when I was younger, but then eventually, basketball became my primary sport. I was in youth national teams, played in the Finnish national league, and 1st division.

I have always been interested in strength training and performance, and I was constantly thinking, ”how I can be better, stronger, and faster?” So I decided to become a Personal Trainer, and I have been on that route for 9 years.

Now we have our own gym called Universal Performance in Puistola, Helsinki. I still coach every day, and I take care of the marketing and business as well.

Luukas favoritprodukter

Luukas favoritprodukter kommer från PranaOn:

These I use almost daily. Insta Strength every time during the workout and sometimes just when I feel that I need to hydrate myself.

I liked to mix up the Super Greens and Power Plant Protein to make a tasty post-workout shake. The mint gives a sweet fresh taste to it. I use both products in my smoothies as well.

I love PranaOn products because you get so many different nutrients and all from plants. ”Eat your vegetables boy, so you grow tall and big,” as my mom used to say.